Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chauhan's habitat

The Rajput Chauhans are also populated around Thakurdwara (Moradabad),Distt. Bijnor U.P, Distt. Aligarh and Distt. Baghpat, Baraut, Muzzafarnagar & Meerut(there are many villages of chauhan's in Meerut). The mostly 'Chauhans', 'Chaudharys', Tomars', 'Vats' and 'Sisodia', 'Kachwaha', 'Gahlaut', clan is in popularity in the area. Chauhans are also from Punjab DASUYA Distt Hosiarpur. In Rajputs the marriages are held on the bases of the sub-cast systems. But most of the Chauhan's found in around Delhi to Haridwar arrange their marriages according to the Gautra system.

Chauhans Rajputs of Chaurasi are populated near Khair-Chandaus area of Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. They call themselves Chauhans of Chaurasi (gautra- batchhas) having origin in Neemarana Rajasthan and Gaddi(seat) Delhi. Some villages from these Chauhans are also in District Bulandshahr( Davkaura, Agauta, Surkhuru, Bhainsroli are some prominent villages)

The Chauhan Rajputs having a dominant role in Haridwar district of Uttrakhand. Haridwar is also known as ChauhanPuri in local Area.All Chauhans are among of 52 villages near Rajaji National Park.Kuldevi of Chauhan Rajputs is Maa Shakumhra Devi in District Sahranpur.In month of Bhadrpad Chauhans go to worship Gogaji (JAHAR VEER GOGA PEER, ANCIENT GREAT WARRIOR RULER OF CHAUHAN DYNSATY GOGAJI DEV CHAUHAN) in Rajasthan.Chauhans of haridwar having big role in Land and farming in District.Mostly Chauhans of Haridwar having gotras Vats,Gahadwal and Budhwal, Kachwaha, Gahlaut, Bhadauriya, Kashyap and solanki gotra etc and their marriage system is on the basis of the gautra.


rsc said...

Dear ,
whoever posted this must have the knowledge of fact, it is not just cut , copy & past it is history of ours ,so make sure what you are writing any way good effort ,
the highest of density of chauhan are in Mainpuri district of UP , origin in Neemarana Rajasthan,and kheechi chauhan of Nagpur, still ruling the town ,
lot more to mention, so please collect the information before writing anything about history ,

Anupam Chauhan said...

What you said is true...and written in history books, but what is written here is persent.