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Paramara Dynasty

Paramara kings of Malwa

  • Upendra (c. 800 – c. 818)
  • Vairisimha I (c. 818 – c. 843)
  • Siyaka I (c. 843 – c. 893)
  • Vakpati (c. 893 – c. 918)
  • Vairisimha II (c. 918 – c. 948)
  • Siyaka II (c. 948 – c. 974)
  • Vakpatiraja (c. 974 – c. 995)
  • Sindhuraja (c. 995 – c. 1010)
  • Bhoj or Bhoja I (c. 1010 – c. 1055), author of Samarangana-sutradhara
  • Jayasimha I (c. 1055 – c. 1060)
  • Udayaditya (c. 1060 – c. 1087)
  • Lakshmanadeva (c. 1087 – c. 1097)
  • Naravarman (c. 1097 – c. 1134)
  • Yasovarman (c. 1134 – c. 1142)
  • Jayavarman I (c. 1142 – c. 1160)
  • Vindhyavarman (c. 1160 – c. 1193)
  • Subhatavarman (c. 1193 – c. 1210)
  • Arjunavarman I (c. 1210 – c. 1218)
  • Devapala (c. 1218 – c. 1239)
  • Jaitugideva (c. 1239 – c. 1256)
  • Jayavarman II (c. 1256 – c. 1269)
  • Jayasimha II (c. 1269 – c. 1274)
  • Arjunavarman II (c. 1274 – c. 1283)
  • Bhoj or Bhoja II (c. 1283 – ?) who ruled from about 1010 to 1060, was a great polymath and philosopher king of medieval India. His extensive writings cover philosophy, poetry, medicine, veterinary science, phonetics, yoga and archery. Under his rule, Malwa became an intellectual centre of India. Bhoj also founded the city of Bhopal to secure the eastern part of his kingdom. The Bhoja Airport at Bhopal is named after King Bhoja.
  • Mahlakadeva (c. ? – c. 1305)
  • Sanjeev Singh Parmar (c. 1305 - 1327)
The royal family of Bakhatgarh (a prominent parmar clan of Malwa, and perhaps the oldest) is presently headed by Thakur Saheb Bhagwat Singhji Panwar. The Pawars of Bakhatgarh are from the Mahipawat clan of Paramara Rajputs. They are the descendants of King Bhoja. The Bakhatgarh was founded in 1799 till 1948 when it was merged with the Indian Union. A number of developmental projects were undertaken during the reign of the last ruler Shriman Thakur Saheb Rai Singhji Panwar such as building of hospitals, boys and girls school, Libraries in Bakhatgarh. The palace and other administrative buildings of Bakhatgarh were built during his tenure.
The royal family of Phaltan, located in present-day Maharashtra, also trace their descent from the Paramara dynasty. The family, which settled in Maharashtra in 12th century, is probably the oldest dynasty in Maharashtra. The current surname of the members of this family is Naik Nimbalkar. It is not generally known except to some historians that this family was originally part of the Paramara dynasty. The Naik Nimbalkar family was very intimately related to Chatrapati Shivaji Bhosale, as both the maternal and paternal grandmothers of the latter were from this family; his daughter was also married to a Naik Nimbalkar.
One branch of the Royal Puars family, by descent Rajputs of the Puar clan, adopted many generations back, in 12th century, the family name of Dalvi. Who at present are Hindu Rajput-Marathas, native to Lakhmapur (or old Lakshmipur) and nearby area,( had Ahiwantwadi Fort) near Wani-Dindori, Nasik and have the social honor of being “Deshmukh”. The name Dalvi means the brave king / chief who rules the people and fights wars. The Dalvis of Lakhmapur held many important positions as regional war-lords and Chiefs of private armies. The origin reference about Naik-Nimbalkar of Phaltan state and Dalvi- Deshmukh of Nasik is available in many british records and Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 20, p. 101. A rebellious member of the Povar or Dalvi (M. H. E. Goldsmith's Report on the Peint State (1839) Bom. Gov. Sel. XXVI (New Series), 108.) family of Peint then Part of Baglana, was sent to Delhi by order of Aurangzeb and sentenced to death, for revolt, but spared life after he embraced Islam. During the Maratha supremacy the Peint estates were for a long period placed under attachment by the Peshwas. In reward for services rendered in 1818, the family were reinstated in their former position by the British government.

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